Single Saturdays: Starita – Holding Patterns 

American artist Starita released a new single entitled Holding Patterns. It is a song that represents letting go of negative mindsets – a shift in thinking.

The music is House combined with techno and R&B. It has a fast, catchy beat yet feels relaxing. It inspires us to look inward in contemplation – a journey for the soul. It also represents how one evolves as a person throughout time, a fantastic metaphor. A tribal vibe in certain song parts is nicely blended smoothly into contemporary rhythms. The changes in beats/tempos symbolize a shift in mindset, breaking away from patterns that affect life (including mental health), as indicated in the song’s title.

The composition has incredible tempo changes that give the tune a dynamic feel. The synthesizers and percussion are impressive details. The musical style feels like a movie score in some science-fiction movies/TV series and video games. The excitement is present towards the end – a bold sense of suspense. The musical style boldly contrasts the fast-paced beat with some slow rhythm parallel to heartbeats.

There are brief moments of singing. Although I couldn’t recognize the language, the voices were edgy and soft—an incredible contrast of vocal styles. It’s two artists doing sound effects – that’s the vibe I got. It sounds fun and dynamic.

The single Holding Patterns is available.

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