Sara Dufour’s Latest Album On va-tu prendre une marche 

Canadian and Quebecois artist Sara Dufour released a new album, On va-tu prendre une marche (Are we going for a walk?). The themes are family life, love and adventures.

The music is French Pop / Folk. The album has a sweet, cozy feel. The musicians are fantastic, including the guitar and piano players. The rhythm is incredible and dynamic. The music truly has a Quebec vibe. The songs have rich, intricate compositions. 

    Some songs on the album have a catchy, fast-paced beat. J’t’écoeurée has an incredible Quebec folk sound. It ends with a bold piano fade-out.

The song On va-tu prendre une marche starts with a fast guitar sound and then transitions to a smooth, semi-fast beat. Vieux Dan Tucker has an upbeat rhythm with a dynamic guitar sound, with the fun beats of the harmonica and the piano. It feels intimate as if singing in a bar or small concert venueSmile Dans Face has a cheerful beat that complements the guitar.

     There are also lovely ballads, some of which may have a semi-fast beat to represent various emotions. Chu mêlée has a fun Country beat. It parallels the musical styles of Bryan Adams and Garth Brooks. J’m’en va dans l’bois has an impressive blend of fast & slow rhythms, representing mixed emotions about moving on to the next chapter of life. 

Mes pneus is a lovely, short acoustic song that feels intimate and from the heart. The tune Maison Frette has a Bob Dylan and Cayouche vibe. The tambourine, the harmonica and the guitar are a dynamic combination. Another piece that reminds me of a small concert venue or bar when I hear the clapping in the background. Au Travers has a slow and smooth rhythm. It then picks up halfway through the song, representing the feeling of moving on. Garde-chasse is a lovely ballad composed of sentimentality. The guitar in this piece parallels The Eagles’ Hotel CaliforniaEt même si (And even if) has immersive music as if one meditates with a lovely acoustic guitar beat in the background. Ma Mère is an intimate, acoustic piece with the guitar playing subtly in the background as if trying to keep the focus on the lyrics.  

The music throughout the album is intricate, with a cozy and personal vibe.

Sara Dufour’s voice is dynamic and soulful. She sings every song with heart and deep passion. Her vocal style is bold. Sara Dufour expresses herself with confidence or a beautiful vulnerability, like in Ma Mère (my mother). She knows how to sing each song with a suitable tone of voice.

The lyrics are profound, with a personal touch. Each song is soulfully well-written and from the heart. The words are rich in meaning. These songs are expressive and nicely represent Quebec culture.

Many songs on the album are personal stories describing life in a small town. There’s an incredible depth to each of these songs. J’t’écoeurée (I’m fed up) tells a dynamic story about a small-town girl who looks forward to coming home to her family and wanting to get rid of some stuff. On va-tu prendre une marche (Are we taking a walk) is a touching song about catching up with loved ones. It’s such a beautiful and soulful piece. Maison Frette (A Cold House) is a fun, humorous song about moving into a new place. Vieux Dan Tucker (Old Dan Tucker) is a funny story about Dan Tucker, an out-of-towner who seems to struggle going about in a small city. Smile Dans Face (A Smile on My Face) is about living every moment with joy, determination and confidence. Au Travers (across) is a soulful and heartfelt song about relationship struggles. The emotions are raw and powerful. Garde-Chasse (Gamekeeper) is a profound and heartwarming song about remembering when a girl is trying to figure out what she wants to do. Et même si (And even if) is a poetic song about taking chances and overcoming fear. Ma Mère (My Mother) is Sara Dufour’s profound tribute to her late mother. She sings the song with heart and soul.

The album also has deep songs about self-reflection and contemplation. Chu mêlée (I’m confused) is a profound song about figuring out life’s meaning and how to live it – an existential piece. It’s also about moving forward without looking behind us. The tune J’m’en va dans l’bois (I’m going into the woods) is a metaphor for embarking on a new adventure. It’s a representation of Sara Dufour at the time she moved to the Country. The double meaning incorporated is a compelling touch. Mes pneus (My Tires) is a lovely song about wanting a change of scenery or simply going for a drive. 

The lyrics are personal, with a rich, unique history about Sara Dufour’s life experiences. 

The album On va-tu prendre une marche is available.

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