Editorial: 45th Gala ADISQ 

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November 5, 2023, the 45th Gala ADISQ took place, hosted by comedian Louis-José Houde.

Congratulations to the winners of last night’s Gala ADISQ. Louis-José Houde did an excellent job hosting the event for the last time. He was an impressive host of Gala ADISQ for 18 years. It was bittersweet to watch the show, knowing he hosted for the last time.

Here are the highlights of the 45th Gala ADISQ.


-Opening Act
*Ginette Reno – C’est You Moi
*Fouki- Funkysation – 
            -80s performed with Ginette Reno
It was impressive to watch Fouki and Ginette Reno performing together, a fantastic blend of musical styles.

-Martine St-Clair & Patrick Norman
*Elle s’en va
*Ce soir l’amour est dans tes yeux
*Quand on est en amour
*Il y a de l’amour dans l’air
The medley of these songs was beautiful and heartfelt. Both Martine St-Clair & Patrick Norman performed with heart and soul.

-Révelation de l’année (New Artist of the year)
*Francis Degrandpré – Colorado
*Bibi Club – Le matin
*Kanen – Akuan Ek(u)
*Calamine –  Lesbienne woke sur l’autotune
*Jeanick Fournier – La saison des cyclones
Phenomenal performances! I look forward to discovering more of their music over time.

-Alexandra Strélinski & Daniel Bélanger
*The Breach
*J’entends tout ce qui joue (dans ta tête)
What a heartfelt performance by the composer Alexandra Strélinski and artist/composer Daniel Bélanger. 

-Clay And Friends with Pierre Kwenders
* Kilimanjaro (Pierre Kwenders)
* Bouge ton thang
These were upbeat performances full of passion and energy.

– Maten & Black Bear
The duet gave a touching performance.

*Gin à l’eau salée 
The band gave a dynamic and enthusiastic performance. They honoured the Acadian heritage nicely.

-Raccoon, Loud & Muzion
*Shoot (Raccoon)
*Peinture à l’huile (Loud)
*La Vi Ti Nèg (Muzion)
The last musical performance of the 45th Gala ADISQ ended was a touching homage to 50 years of RAP, including French RAP. The atmosphere was vibrant.

The Host’s monologues

The first monologue Louis-José Houde did was funny and clever. He announced it was his last time hosting the event. He paid tribute to the late Guy Latraverse, the Canadian musical artist and producer. 

Louis-José Houde’s second monologue was also funny. It was short but clever, talking about sound tests.

The third speech was when Louis-José Houde was sitting at the piano bar. He thanked the musicians and talked about the experience of hosting Gala ADISQ for 18 years, including the last time, last night. It was sweet and hilarious.  

The last speech was after the homage to the 50th anniversary of RAP. It was a brief but heartfelt speech about hosting for the last time and the 18 years of doing so.

Congratulations again to all the winners of the 45th Gala ADISQ, including Daniel Bélanger and Alexandra Strélinski, for winning male and female artists of the year, respectively. Also, congratulations job to Salesbarbes for winning Song of the Year with their single Gin à l’eau salée. Thank you again to Louis-José Houde for hosting Gala ADISQ for 18 years. Merci beaucoup!

Flora Youssef

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