Nick Carter – Hurts to Love You – A Tribute to Aaron Carter 1 Year Later

This year, Nick Carter released a single, Hurts to Love You, a tribute to his late brother Aaron Carter. November 5, 2023, marks the first anniversary of Aaron Carter’s passing. My thoughts are with Nick Carter and his family in this hard time.  

The music is Pop. The rhythm is consistent, simple and slow, representing a time of contemplation. It picks up slightly, which demonstrates the intensity of grief from mourning the loss of a loved one. There’s a waviness at certain moments to express the pain, sadness and heartbreak. The synthesizers have a gradual beat, like a heartbeat, slowly then pick up. Stuart Crichton did an excellent job producing the single. The composition is beautifully well-structured, expressing the different aspects of the challenging time of losing someone near to us. The blend of Electronic beats and Pop makes the music phenomenally rich and expressive in emotions. 

Nick Carters sings the song with heart and soul. He performs the lyrics with genuine openness and raw emotions. He honours his late brother beautifully. 

The lyrics are profound. Nick Carter and Tommy Lee James wrote the song with heart and soul, paying a touching tribute to the late Aaron Carter. It describes the heartfelt vulnerability of losing a loved one and caring for another person, which hurts. The song also covers the complex dynamics when it comes to family and those we love. The time of reflection is another aspect of mourning that the tune describes, along with the other four stages of grief. Another topic the song discusses and implies is mental health. When Nick Carter says, “And always prayed for peace somehow your soul could feel,” which is a powerful line in the chorus that parallels life’s struggles. The intricacy and depth of the words are beyond description. The song has raw emotions that give it a genuine humanity.

The single Hurts to Love You is available.

Rest in peace, Aaron Carter. 
My thoughts are with Nick Carter and his family during this difficult time.

Flora Youssef

Side Note

If you’re struggling with mental health, please seek help. 
As someone who has struggled with mental health, I send you my love, solidarity & empathy.

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