Single Saturdays: Modeste – Atmosphere

British singer Modeste released a second single entitled Atmosphere. The song is a journey and a rebirth of the self.

The music is R&B/Soul. The piano gives the song conveys deep emotions. It starts with slow piano music; then, the tempo slightly picks up speed, representing a sense of hope. The rhythm has an intensity that depicts the struggles during the transition in the rebirth of the self. The music complements the topic of the inner journey. The ballad has a rich composition with a choir-like sound. That creates a feeling of solidarity. It ends with a gradual fade-off to represent the accomplished peace of mind.

Modeste’s voice is bold and rich. He sings in a soulful manner. He covers the mixed emotions with remarkable depth and smoothly transitions from one to another.

The lyrics are spiritual, describing the doubt, fear, and rebirth of the self. It’s a metaphor for self-discovery through emotional changes (Big Bang). The song starts with doubt and fear, and then there’s a shift in mindset of self-love, hope and faith. It describes the challenges of change to be reborn to a better version of oneself – a beautiful rebirth. The mention of hope, determination and perseverance is inspirational- the positivity shines through the metaphorical darkness. The words are rich in language – described in remarkable depth – with heart and soul. 

The single Atmosphere is available.

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