Bon Jovi – Bad Medicine – 35th Anniversary

September 3, 2023, marks the 35th anniversary of the single Bad Medicine by Bon Jovi. The song describes the intensity of falling in love with the metaphor of medicine. 

The music is Rock. The song is an 80s classic with epic beat. Bruce Fairbairn is the producer and did an excellent job. It boldly starts with a gradient percussion beat and then blends with the guitar and drums. It has a dynamic composition. The rhythm is fantastic in terms of the fast-paced tempo, which represents how love can feel intense. The drums represent the fast heartbeats perfectly when falling in love. The musicians are incredible. The guitarist did remarkable work with the guitar solo. The drums added another layer to Bad Medicine. The catchy music makes it a timeless piece, appreciated by many generations. 

Jon Bon Jovi’s voice is phenomenal. He sings with great passion. He has an incredible vocal range, expressing the effects of falling deeply in love. 

Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora, and Desmond Child wrote the Bad Medicine. They did a remarkable job describing the intensity of falling in love and how it feels like an addiction. The feeling is relatable. In this case, the kiss is the drug, and love feels like a disease without a cure. The song is easy to follow, with a suitably simplistic chorus to describe how love feels for many. The lyrical structure is fantastic, with a perfectly rhyming AABB structure and some freestyle writing. The repetition of “Bad Medicine” throughout the chorus is a great way to emphasize the deep addiction and emotions caused by love. There’s also an interesting contradiction with one line saying, “There ain’t no doctor that can cure my disease,” and another line saying, “Play doctor, baby, cure my disease”- it represents mixed emotions. The lyrics are fun and memorable 35 years later!

Happy 35th Anniversary to Bad Medicine!

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