First EP Fridays: Justine Blanchet – Don’t Ask Me to Dance

Canadian singer Justine Blanchet released her first EP, Don’t Ask Me to Dance. The themes are heartbreak, love and independence.

The music is Country. The EP has impressive compositions reflecting various emotions, such as love and heartbreak. The music is dynamic and diverse in rhythms. 
     The record has two fast-paced songs: Don’t Ask Me To Dance and Waste the Weekend. Each piece has a beat that represents a particular emotion. Don’t Ask Me To Dance is a catchy tune. The fast rhythm conveys a woman’s bold refusal to dance with a guy. It parallels Shania Twain’s Country hit (If You’re Not In It For Love) I’m Outta Here parallel but with a faster tempo. Waste the Weekend has a fantastic, upbeat sound. It parallels Shania Twain’s other hits: Forever and For Always (the beginning), Party for Two (feat. Billy Currington), and Love Gets Me Every Time (with a slower tempo). 
     The EP also has semi-fast-paced songs: Hard to Love and Cheap SunglassesHard to Love has a dynamic composition. The rhythm has a rollercoaster-style beat to represent the emotional struggles of a relationship. Cheap Sunglasses has impressive musical styles with a smooth-sailing rhythm, describing the feeling of moving on with one’s life.
The music throughout the EP is incredible, with diverse compositions and music styles. 

Justine Blanchet’s voice is edgy. She sings each song with heart and soul. She performs each piece with an impressive passion throughout the EP. Justine Blanchet covers the topics of love, heartbreak, and post-breakup life with great depth.

The lyrics are profound, describing various life experiences (including life after a breakup).
   Although the EP primarily covers the subject of heartbreak and life after it, one song covers love: Waste the Weekend. It is a sweet and hopeful song about love. The words are romantic and soulful. It describes a girl who wants to waste a weekend, in this case, with her significant other. She has something to look forward to after a busy work week. 
    An impressive part of the EP is how Justine Blanchet talks about life after heartbreak. Cheap Sunglasses is about life after a breakup, past failed relationships and the reluctance to date again. It describes the relatable sentiment of dating and the anxiety around it. Don’t Ask Me To Dance is an incredible song about a woman who boldly declines a man asking her to dance, knowing he may not likely have good intentions. Heart Less is a bold piece about a young woman who learns a lesson about matters of the heart. It’s an intelligent play on the words Heartless and Heart Less.  
    There’s one tune about heartbreak: Hard to Love. It is a song about a woman whose partner is unsuitable for a relationship. The disappointment is relatable.
The lyrics are well-written, telling profound stories and experiences about love and heartbreak. 

The EP Don’t Ask Me To Dance is available. 

Happy birthday Justine Blanchet!

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