Single Saturdays: Jason Mercer – Prince Charming

Canadian singer Jason Mercer released a new single entitled Prince Charming. The song is a love story with a fairytale-like component.

The music is Country. The guitar is incredible and adds to the lovely music. The composition is rich and intricate. Jason Mercer did an excellent job creating this single with a catchy, cheerful beat. The rhythm has fun old-school Country music that reminds me of square dancing and do-si-do. The tempo changes are smooth, going from slow to fast. It parallels the Country songs of Tim McGraw and Uncle Kracker. The music combines nostalgia and the future, which is rare and impressive. 

Jason Mercer’s voice is smooth and rhythmic. His way of singing follows the classic Country vocal style. He sings with heart and soul, with feeling.

The lyrics are romantic and poetic. The song tells a beautiful and simple story of a man in love who reassures his love that he’ll be good to her and respect her like a prince charming. The single is full of heart and soul. It’s a lovely metaphor that love is possible with the right person. It feels like a timeless, classic love story. The choice of freestyle writing and poetry represents the sense of adventure and childlike wonder in seeing what the future holds. The words are sweet and hopeful. 

The single Prince Charming is available.

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