First EP Fridays: Orchard Sky – Eponym EP

Canadian band Orchard Sky released their first EP, Orchard Sky. The themes are love and adventure.

The music is Alternative Country. It has a Carrie Underwood and Faith Hill vibe. The EP has a bold beat with amazing songs. It reminds me of Bon Jovi’s songs from the 90s. The lead guitarist Mitch Smith and bassist Andreas Wegner are remarkable musicians. 

    The EP has excellent fast-paced, even party-style songs. The song Canadian Party Song has a catchy beat – a mix of Alternative and Country. It parallels Garth Brooks’s Friends in Low Places and Shania Twain’s single (If You’re Not In It For Love), I’m Outta Here! The tune Honest has an incredible rhythm that parallels two fantastic songs, Lady A’s  Need You Now, Shania Twain’s Don’t Be Stupid, and The Cranberries’ 90s hit Linger. The piece Flashbang has an incredible guitar playing in the background. The guitar solo reminds me of Queen guitarist Brian May’s guitar solo in We Will Rock You and John Deacon’s bass solo in Another One Bites the Dust. The song Rollin’ 7’s has fantastic beats with impressive Hard Rock sounds. The guitar and drums are a dynamic combination.

The ballads on the record have an intricate rhythmThe song Won’t Let Our Love (Turn into Hate) mixes fast and slow beats. The intense tempo parallels Carrie Underwood’s Before He Cheats with that edgy music. The tune I Can’t Make You Love Me has a beautiful smooth wavy rhythm. It represents the mixed emotions one feels regarding matters of the heart. It reminds me of Shania Twain’s singles: You’re Still The OneThe Woman in Me and Don’t. The guitar is incredible and complements the song’s tempo. 

The music on the EP is rich. The compositions have fantastic, harmonious blends of musical styles.

Krystle Dos Santos’s voice is phenomenal. She has an impressive vocal range. She sings with great passion. Her singing style is fantastic. She knows to sing each song with incredible nuances. The EP has a fun duet with the song Rollin’ 7’s with Clayton Bellamy. Their voices complement each other nicely- a perfect harmony. 

The lyrics are diverse in subjects, from adventure to romance. Each song is expressive and profound. 

Canadian Party Song has an incredible mix of rhyming and freestyle writing. It expresses an evident excitement to party and to have fun. The story is detailed and sets the tone for the song.

Honest is about having the courage to stand up to a partner whose efforts are lacking, giving an ultimatum. It doesn’t say whether the relationship ends or survives the hurdles- left to the listeners to interpret. The message also encourages self-love and self-respect. Flashbang is an exciting song about a woman who likes having fun but not necessarily having long-term relationships. It’s a metaphor for a short-term relationship or a fling where the woman is honest about what she wants.

Rollin’ 7’s (Clayton Bellamy) is a fun and exciting song about falling in love – a story told through the table roulette metaphor. The description of love as a weapon is suitable for how many feel in this scenario. The tune Won’t Let Our Love (Turn into Hate) is a heartfelt story about commitment and the determination to preserve love and relationship. There’s also a bold sense of passion. The song I Can’t Make You Love Me is profound, with raw emotions and pure vulnerability. It poetically describes how love is not something one can force on anyone or oneself and that the heart decides in the end. The words are heartfelt and soulful.

The songs are poetic and dynamic. Each piece tells a detailed, exciting story through a variety of subjects.

The eponym EP Orchard Sky is available.

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