Jeanick Fournier’s Latest Album Vivante

Canadian singer Jeanick Fournier released a new album entitled Vivante (alive). The themes are confidence, love and self-love.

The music is Adult Contemporary. The album has dynamic compositions with catchy music. The songs have a combination of a 90s vibe and a 70s influence.

    The melody of each song reflects various emotions. The record has rich ballads. Quand le rideau tombe parallels the number of Rent. It has a Broadway vibe. It has a lovely wavy rhythmJe les mène pour toi has a beautiful piano playing in the background. The tune La saison des Cyclones parallels Céline Dion’s On Ne Change Pas with a faster beat. The music has a fantastic rhythm. Celle que j’étais has fun 80s/90s vibe (Céline Dion and Sylvie Vartan). Précieux has an intense piano sound, then transitions into dream-like music. It parallels Marie-Mai’s early works. The tune Ne m’oublie pas has an incredible piano rhythm with a bold theatrical feel. The song Pour Sandra – has a great guitar sound. These ballads are rich and dynamic.

Ça ira (Radio Remix) – On ne Change pas (Celine Dion)

   The album has fun, upbeat songs. Dérange-moi has an excellent disco beat. It starts slow and then gradually transitions to a festive disco sound. It parallels Céline Dion’s single J’irai où tu iras (I’ll go where you go) with Jean Jacques Goldman. Dans La Peau has a dynamic beat. It parallels Céline Dion’s 80s hit Incognito and 70s music of Earth, Wind & Fire. The piece Vivante has a vibrant rhythm. It parallels Arianne Moffet Réverbère, Céline Dion’s, and Marie-Mai’s early works. The song 24 Heures is another energetic piece that parallels Phil Collins/ The Supremes’ Can’t Hurry Love Vibe. These energetic songs are catchy.

The music on this album is remarkable, with intricate compositions.

Jeanick Fournier’s voice is remarkable. She has an impressive fantastic vocal range. She sings with incredible passion. When Jeanick Fournier performs empowering songs, it feels genuine.

The lyrics are beautifully deep and poetic. Positivity and hope have a presence.

The album has two lovely romantic songs: Dans La Peau and Ça ira (Radio Remix). Dans La Peau (Under the Skin) is a touching love song. Ça ira (it’ll get better) (Radio Remix) is another romantic tune about having the courage to embark on this adventure and letting go of the past.

    The record consists primarily of personal and inspirational songs. Two beautiful pieces are a touching homage to Jeanick Fournier’s children: Quand le rideau tombe (when the curtain falls) and Je les mène pour Toi (I will fight the Battles for you). Quand le rideau tombe (when the curtain falls) is about being there no matter what, helping them through tough times. Dérange-moi is a fantastic introspection tune – a new way to look at life and the world. Je les mène pour toi – a mother who loves her and is there for them. Vivante is an incredible song about resilience, about someone living with peace of mind and forgiveness (towards others and oneself). La saison des cyclones (Cyclone Season) is a profound metaphor that one can overcome anything life throws and look at the glass half-full. It inspires hope and optimism. Vivante is an incredible song about resilience, about someone living with peace of mind and forgiveness (towards others and oneself). Celle que j’étais (who I was) is about finding oneself and learning to watch for people who intend harm.

Précieux (Precious) is a beautiful piece about appreciating the little things in life- not taking anything for granted. 24 Heures (24 hours) is a sweet song about living life to the fullest, savouring every moment. Ne m’oublie pas (don’t forget me) is a touching tune about leaving a legacy, asking people not to forget her. Pour Sandra (for Sandra) is a beautiful tribute piece about celebrating diversity and learning to live in peace.

The lyrics are rich in language and expressive in sentiment. The songs are poetically well-written.

The album Vivante is available.

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