Tyler Rich’s Moving EP Unplugged in Nashville

American singer Tyler Rich released a new EP, Unplugged in Nashville. The themes are love and respect.

The music is Country. The guitar and piano add richness to the five beautiful ballads of the EP. I Know You Do (also available on the I Know You Do EP) and Leave Her Wild have calming and happy music that puts a smile on one’s face. The piece I Know You Do parallels the lovely single Arms (in the beginning) by Christina Perri. Leave Her Wild has an excellent piano introduction, then smoothly blends with fantastic guitar sounds. The piano has an impressive gradient rhythm. The composition is rich and intricate. The music represents the woman’s confidence. Thinkin’ We’re In Love has an interesting combination of the banjo and violin. It’s an incredible mix of sounds. The music is cozy. The rapid pace of the banjo playing represents a heart beating fast. The Difference has an upbeat sound with a catchy beat. The guitar is incredibly fantastic in this piece. Better Than You Used To has a beautiful gradient rhythm with a bold piano beat, representing passion. 

The music on the EP is rich and dynamic – full of rhythm and style.

Tyler Rich’s voice is rich and soulful. He sings with a beautiful sincerity. He has a great rhythm in his vocal style. The piece We’re In Love with Alexandra Kay is an incredible blend of voices – a fantastic duet. The singing is bold and heartfelt.

The lyrics are romantic and respectful. The songs are poetic and rich in emotion. I Know You Do is a beautiful piece about a woman who does not always express how she feels, but the man knows she loves him deep down. Leave Her Wild is a remarkable song that honours and respects how a woman chooses to live her life. It also conveys that if anyone goes out with her and tries to change her, let her be herself as she desires. Thinkin’ We’re In Love is a cute love story where the two people soul-search their feelings and realize they’re in love. The interaction is dynamic. The Difference is a sweet piece about the courage to take a chance on love. It describes the contrast regarding how to express feelings in detail with various sentences. Better Than You Used To is a heartfelt song that inspires hope that love is possible. 

The lyrics are rich and deep. The love and romance have a poetic presence throughout the EP.

The EP Unplugged in Nashville is available.

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