Single Saturdays: Vincent Niclo feat Manau – La Tribu De Dana

French group Manau has re-released his 1998 single La Tribu De Dana in a duet with Vincent Niclo. It honours the 25th anniversary of the 90s classic.

The music is French RAP and Opera. The composition is intricate with a fantastic blend of musical styles, 90s RAP with contemporary Celtic Opera and neo-Classical. It starts with bagpipes that add a folkloric touch, like in the 1998s version. The violin is also present in this edition of the 90s hit with a boldly different style. However, it has a tempo that speeds up gradually, transitioning into the chorus and giving it an exciting spin on a 90s classic. The tune has a dynamic beat with a bold twist of a faster tempo. The rhythm is wavy, going from slow to fast and vice-versa, with impressive transitions. The RAP verses of the single give a nostalgic feeling- paying a lovely. The song has catchy music, honouring the original version’s memorable melody.

Manau’s member Martial Tricoche and Vincent Niclo’s voices are in perfect harmony. Their vocal styles complement each other nicely. Martial Tricoche sings the verses, like in the original version, and Vincent Niclo sings the chorus, with an epic operatic vocal range. Vincent Niclo also performs in the background with a bold presence while hearing the RAP segments. Martial Tricoche’s deep voice and Niclo’s Tenor style are a remarkable balance. It’s impressive to listen to artists of different musical genres performing together.

The single of La Tribu De Dana (the re-release) is available.

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