L’isle’s Fantastic Album Soif

Canadian and Quebecoise singer L’isle released a new album entitled, Soif. The themes are love, heartbreak, introspection and adventure.

The music is French Pop mixed in with some Folk-style sounds. The album has a lovely 60s/70s vibe parallel to France Gall and Sylvie Vartan. It also has contemporary beats. The instruments are diverse, from the piano to the guitar to the flute.
The album has impressive upbeat, and fast-paced beats. Tous Les Corps has a fantastic fast wavy rhythm. It parallels 90s-style electro Pop and techno mixed with some disco. L’azur (feat. Samito) has upbeat but relaxing music, like a Beach party. Vanille has a dynamic composition, starting slowly to gradually increasing in tempo. It has a fun 80s French music vibe. Reste has an impressive electro-pop sound. It has a dream-like component. Le Résultat has a bold R&B-style beat that parallels ABBA and The Beatles.
The record has three interludes to transition from one feeling to another. Soif is an introductory interlude that sets the tone for the album. MHM is a transition piece with a catchy beat and bold piano sound- a segue to Nirvana. The piece 1 (une/one) has a relaxing sound that suits the transition to the song Notre Jardin.
     The ballads on the album are intricate, with an impressive combination of rhythms and a mix of musical styles (old-school and contemporary). The change in beats is well-structured and dynamic. Nirvana has a slow-paced yet spirited rhythm but increases during the chorus and vice-versa. Amer Amour has a superb and boldly vibrant guitar beat that represents grief and heartbreak.Feu(x) has impressive guitar playing slowly, expressing heartbreak. Notre Jardin has an excellent saxophone beat along with percussion beats. The composition is gradient. Rien Promis has a fantastic mix of slow piano and guitar. The ballads are remarkable.
   The album has catchy sounds that combine a ray of emotions, including nostalgia. The compositions are intricate in rhythm and style.

L’isle’s voice is dynamic and rhythmic. She has a bold singing style with a remarkable vocal range. There are two incredible duets: L’azur (feat. Samito) and Notre Jardin (feat. Vendou). Samito in L’azur and Vendou in Notre Jardin added their unique touch to their vocal styles. 

Each piece is soulful, with beautiful poetry covering diverse subjects. The lyrics are poetic and rich in language. The songs are full of incredible imagery and metaphors.
    Some songs represent hope and love. The tune Tous Les Corps starts the album on a hopeful note. L’azur (feat. Samito) describes a beautiful vacation vibe, mentioning the palm tree and the scenery. Vanille is a heartfelt metaphor for the joys of being in love. The analogy of the song of Vanilla-flavoured ice cream is sweet and childlike. Le Resultat is a cute love song that gives hope that true love is possible. Notre Jardin (our garden), featuring Vendou, is a creative and heartwarming metaphor representing love.
    The sad songs are profound and expressive in emotions, including heartbreak and confusion. Nirvana is a bold song criticizing a particular type of man whose behaviour causes one to cringe. The words are intense. Amer Amour is about heartbreak about telling lies to oneself, which is not a good idea. It has incredible depth. Feu(x)  is a poetic piece about an end of a relationship. Reste describes the struggles of relationships and leaves to the imagination whether or not things will work out. Rien Promis is a song that explains in detail the reality check many people face after the “honeymoon” phase of a relationship.
    The lyrics have incredible depth and poetry, rich in language. The words flow smoothly in each song. 

The album Soif is available.

Side note
Nirvana has language that some listeners may find offensive
Listener Discretion Advised

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