The Boy Is Mine – Brandy & Monica 25th Anniversary

May 5, 2023, marks the 25th Anniversary of the R&B single The Boy Is Mine, performed by Brandy and Monica. It’s a song that splashed in the 90s, about two women fighting over a guy. The video is impressive when it ends with the young ladies opening the door from the same apartment after throwing out the stuff that reminded them of the “boyfriend” – an empowering scene. 

The music is R&B and Pop. The song starts with the harp playing in the background, then smoothly transitions to the violin. The Strings Arrangement by Larry Gold and Rodney Jerkins was incredible. Then it boldly increases in tempo with the guitar, played by Isaac Phillips, as Brand and Monica start singing the chorus – an impressive fast-paced beat representing the two women’s intense emotions. 
    The team of various engineers was remarkable in creating The Boy Is Mine:  Assistant Engineers (Greg Thompson & Victor McCoy), Recording Engineers (Ben Garrison, Dexter Simmons & Leslie Brathwaite), Mixing Engineers (Dexter Simmons & Rodney Jerkins), and the Assistant Recording Engineer (Carlton Lynn). 
    The wavy rhythm changes boldly in a dynamic and fantastic musical style. There’s a daring suspense throughout the tune. Dark Child, Brandy, and Dallas Austin did a remarkable producing this iconic song. It’s still a catchy tune 25 years later!

Brandy and Monica make a dynamic duo. Their voices complement each other nicely. They both have bold vocal styles. They sing their parts of the song with great passion.
   LaShawn Daniels and Rodney Jerkins did an excellent job with the vocal arrangement. They were also the vocal producers, along with Dallas Austin. Fantastic work.
    Brandy and Monica’s background vocals are fantastic, giving the song a dynamic touch. 

The lyrics are unforgettable, with detailed verses of the two women’s perspectives regarding why they think the man should be with them. The album version of The Boy Is Mine has an intro where the women discuss how they’ve seen one another because of a man they know and are dating, each claiming he’s their man. It adds a touch of suspense. There are profound, raw emotions. The words tell the story straightforwardly, making the song flowy. Brandy Norwood, Fred Jerkins III, Japhe Tejada, LaShawn Daniels, and Rodney Jerkins did an excellent job writing the single, describing the different views in a dispute over a man. 
   The Boy Is Mine is an unforgettable song that marked the 90s with memorably simplistic lyrics. The song uses the reading-between-the-lines approach remarkably. The lyrics have fantastic freestyle writing that works well with the back-and-forth between the women throughout the tune.

Happy 25th Anniversary to The Boy Is Mine!

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