Marie Morck’s Second Album Songs for Comfort

Danish singer Marie Mørck released her second album entitled Songs for Comfort. The themes are love, heartbreak, life, and everything in between.

The band is remarkable. The music is Jazz. The album has a lovely old-fashioned beat that gives it a nostalgic feel. The jazzy beat parallels the Jazz music from the 30s and 40s and songs heard in musicals from old movie classics. The rhythm has a calming effect. The record also has an Aretha Franklin vibe.

There are impressive ballads. The song Days Gone By has incredible semi-fast beats that represent up and downs of life. The trombone adds a great touch. The piece Different Beats / The Same Fire has elegant piano sounds that parallel Japanese music played for meditation, then the tempo smoothly increases to represent various emotions. You Got Me Addicted to You has beautiful saxophone beats and some drums. I Mörkret (in the dark) has pleasant flute and violin sounds. The music is calming and rhythmic. The tune Song to Comfort has beautiful meditation sounds with a bold, Jazzy beat. Secret Reverie has fantastic accordion music that reminds me of the song from The Godfather movies- with a more upbeat sound. Midt I En Drøm’s nostalgic beat parallels George Michael’s single Kissing a Fool.

The song On My Way to Nowhere has an incredible, modern Jazz sound that parallels the music styles of the 1950s. The mix of the cello, trombone and piano is fantastic. The fast-paced beat is bold, which works the romantic adventure vibe. The piece Never Will I Marry has a cheerful and dynamic sound. The rhythm is smooth and easygoing – it complements the independent woman’s freedom and choice to be single. 

These upbeat pieces are fun and exciting.

The music is vibrant and diverse in musical styles – a phenomenal mix of old-fashioned and modern Jazz rhythms.

Marie Mørck’s voice is soft but also dynamic and bold. She sings with incredible style and panache. Her vocal range is fantastic. She performs each song with heart and soul. 

The lyrics vary from romantic to nostalgic or a mix of both. The songs are 

well-written and rich in language. The album has two pieces in DanishI Mörkret (in the dark) and Midt I En Drøm (In the middle of a dream).

    The record has lovely romantic songs. The piece On My Way to Nowhere is a cute love story about a girl meeting a guy, and there is an instant attraction. The tune You Got Me Addicted to You is about how love can feel intense or overwhelming in an amusing way. Song to Comfort tells a bittersweet story about a woman remembering her significant other. Secret Reverie is a sweet love story about two lovers living in fantasy. These love songs are profound and heartfelt.

    The album also covers other subjects, such as an old flame or independence from relationships. The tune Days Gone By has a nostalgic vibe, remembering a past love. The song Different Beats / The Same Fire is fantastic and describes adventure and living life to the fullest.  

The piece Never Will I Marry is a funny song about a woman who does not want to get married and enjoys her freedom. 

      Marie Mørck has two songs in Danish I Mörkret (in the dark) and Midt I En Drøm (In the middle of a dream). Although I don’t speak Danish, these pieces sound beautifully well-written, with beautiful poetry.

There’s incredible depth and richness in the words of each song. The lyrics are diverse in subjects, full of profound emotions.

The album  Songs for Comfort is available.

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