Day 12 Single Saturdays Sara Dufour La tourtière à ma grand-mère

Canadian and Quebecoise singer Sara Dufour has a Christmas single entitled La tourtière à ma grand-mère (my grandmother’s mince meat pie). The song is about memories of Christmas at Grandma’s, celebrating with relatives.

The music is French Pop with Folk. It starts with musical spoons and a harmonica representing old-fashioned Quebec music – cozy and intimate. The composition is remarkably intricate. The beat is catchy with an impressive rhythm. Hearing that folksy beat brings a comforting feeling of nostalgia, love, and joy, especially during Christmas time.

Sara Dufour’s voice is joyful. She sings from the heart about memories of Christmas at her grandmother’s house with her family. She honours those memories beautifully.

The lyrics are heartfelt. The song expresses the genuine joy of remembering the Christmas celebration at Sara Dufour’s grandmother’s, eating Tourtière (minced meat pie). It details the various moments at the gatherings, taking cousins, aunts and uncles. The words are from the heart. The subject of spending time with family is relatable. The song is touching and sweet.

The single  La tourtière à ma grand-mère is available.

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