Day 12: Single Saturdays Elliot Maginot Christmas on My Mind

Canadian and Quebecois artist Elliot Maginot has released a new Christmas single entitled  Christmas on My Mind. The song is about Christmas without a partner following a separation.

The music is Pop. The beat parallels Cat Stevens’s* 1970s single Wild World, with a Christmas feel. The sleigh bells’ sound adds a lovely touch to the song, which reminds me of the background music heard when someone takes a walk on a winter evening. The rhythm is a balanced mix of smooth and slightly wavy. The composition is well-structured, rich and dynamic.

Elliot Maginot’s voice is soft and rhythmic. He sings with great depth-his emotions feel palpable and profound. He performs a heartfelt homage to Christmas.

The lyrics are sentimental. The poetry is beautiful and rich – raw emotions. The song has a sense of hope following the subject’s struggles. It has a positive message about what’s essential in life, especially during Christmas. The storm is a metaphor for life’s challenges, and the shelter represents hope that things will improve. It’s such a touching tune about living in the moment.

The single Christmas on My Mind is available.

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