Single Saturdays: Karen Harding- Brave

Australian artist Karen Harding has a new single entitled Brave. The song is about words of encouragement to a friend or partner.

The music is pop. It has a rich and smooth rhythm. The song has beautiful soft music with a bold touch – it works well with the story. The composition is phenomenal. The guitar is fantastic to hear throughout the song. The ballad has a calming effect that complements the song’s lyrics nicely. The vibe is cozy and intimate – I imagine people gathering around a fire. The music is incredible, full of heart and soul. 

Karen Harding’s voice is soft, with a natural flow. She sings with compassion and grace. She sounds reassuring in telling this heartfelt story.

The lyrics are touching and encouraging. The song has a positive message of hope and faith. The words are soulful and from the heart. The story is timeless and especially feels relevant in recent years. The poetry is rich and profound. The determination in this tune feels inspirational. The song is well-written and has impressive linguistic depth. The

The single Brave is available.

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