First EP Fridays: Karen Harding – I’ve Got a Secret

Australian singer Karen Harding has released her first EP, I’ve Got a Secret. The themes are love and personal experiences. 

The music is Pop. Karen Harding is fantastic at playing her guitar, with the right intensity for each song. The ballads are impressive; each has a smooth rhythm. I’ve Got a Secret is fantastic, starting with a fast guitar beat to gradually slow down in tempo. The composition is well-structured, with moments of intensity to represent powerful emotions. The piece ‘Til The Ocean Meets the Shore has a soothing sound that feels like everything will be okay. Drive Away has a slow and relaxing pace. It represents a sense of hope and faith. The tune Letter to My Friend has a lovely composition. It starts slow, then gradually and smoothly increases in tempo. The change of pace in the music represents determination, compassion and hope. The music is beautiful, full of dynamic sounds and melodic styles.

Karen Harding’s voice is incredible and rich. She sings each song with heart and soul. She has an openness in the tone that represents authenticity and honesty. Karen Harding has a softness when she sings that feels calming and reassuring.

The lyrics are profound and poetic, rich in language and depth. The songs are full of compassion. I’ve Got a Secret is about the emotional struggle of keeping a secret and its impact on everyday life. It’s a powerful song. The song ‘Til The Ocean Meets the Shore is a lovely story of how everything will be okay. The ocean and the shore are metaphors for unity and stability. Drive Away has two meanings: the first is about a need to get away (in the literal sense), and the second is the journey to grow as a person- that things will get better. Letter to My Friend is a touching song about someone reassuring their friend that they can get through hard times and reminding them that they succeeded before. The battle Karen Haren refers to is the struggles in mental health and the importance of being there for those near us. It’s heartfelt, soulful and genuine. Karen Harding did an incredible job writing these four songs with depth and heart.

The EP I’ve Got a Secret is available.

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