Editorial: 44th Gala ADISQ

November 6, 2022, the 43rd Gala ADISQ Award took place, an event hosted by comedian Louis-José Houde for the 17th time in a row. The performances were fantastic to watch. Louis-José Houde did an incredible job hosting the Gala ADISQ. Congratulations to the winners of the 43rd Gala ADISQ.

Here are the highlights:


-Opening Act
*Quatuor Esca Fragments 4, Variations 4 playing music from François Vallières
*Coeur de Pirate On s’aimera toujours
*Patrice Michaud Vous êtes ici
The artists gave incredible performances to open the 43rd Gala ADISQ.

-Mario Pelchat & Bruno Pelletier
*La manic (BP)
*Je suis un chanteur (MP)
*Quand on y croit (BP & MP)
*Aime (BP)
*Miserere (BP)
*Je n’t’aime plus (MP) 
*Le temps des cathédrales  (BP & MP)
*Pleurs dans la pluie  (BP & MP)
Mario Pelchat & Bruno Pelletier gave impressive performances both individually and together.

-Medley of five new artists (Révelation de l’année)
*Natasha Kanapé – Un horizon trouble
*Ariane Roy – Tu voulais parler
*La Zarra – Tu t’en iras
*Étienne Coppée – Le vent se lève
*Jay Scottt – Take me
These five new artists gave incredible performances in a smooth-flowing medley. 

-Lisa Leblanc & Edith Butler
*Pourquoi faire aujourd’hui 
Lisa Leblanc’s performance was fantastic and energetic. She sang with passion.
*Dans l’bois 
Lisa Leblanc & Edith Butler sang a great dynamic duet.

-Naya Ali & Sarahmée 
*Air Ali 
Naya Ali gave a terrific rap performance 

*Bienvenue dans ma vie
Sarahmée sang with passion and edge.
Then, Naya Ali & Sarahmée sang together a perfect duet.

-Corneille & Dashny Jules gave fantastic and heartfelt performances.
*Encre Rose
*Parce qu’on vient de loin

-Medley of four artists
*Émile Bilodeau – Tshe Minupunanu
*Samian – Ishkodè
*Laura Niquay – Moteskano
*Claude Mckenzie – Upime
The four artists gave phenomenal performances.


-Chanson de l’année: Fouki with Jay Scott – Copilote

-Révelation de l’année: Ariane Roy

-Album de l’année-Succès populaire: Cowboys Fringants – L”Amérique qui pleure

-Groupe/duo de l’année: Salesbarbes

-Artiste Autochtone de l’année: Laura Niquay

-Interprète feminine de l’année: Roxane Bruneau

-Interprète masculine de l’année : Hubert Lenoir



Louis-José Houde gave a fun monologue about life post-COVID to music humour related to the latest music. He knows how to provide fantastic comic relief. 

-Sketch slow recipient getting awards

Louis-José Houde and Yves Jacques performed a sketch about artists receiving an award and are slow to come on stage. It was comical and entertaining.

-Monologue about CDs and how different life was

Louis-José Houde talked about it in a funny way when people used to buy CDs, which made it comic and nostalgic. He discusses with the audience, including the emerging artist Marilyn Leonard (born in 2001) – telling her what life was like during the CD era. 

Congratulations to the winners of the 43rd Gala ADISQ. Great job to Louis-José Houde for hosting the event. The performances were impressive. 

Flora Youssef

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