Single Saturdays: Shania Twain – Waking Up Dreaming

Canadian singer Shania Twain has released a new single entitled Waking Up Dreaming. The song is about dreaming big and never giving up pursuing it.

The music is Country combined with some Pop. The song is catchy, with an excellent beat that complements an impressive composition. The tune parallels David Bowie’s well-known hit, Modern Love, especially in the beginning. During the verses, the song also parallels the musical style of Kenny Loggins’s Footloose, the famous single from the movie with the same name. That 80s beat, combined with a techno-style sound, is incredible, well-structured, and balanced. The guitar in the background has a great rhythm. The rhythm is phenomenal in how it flows naturally. The song has an upbeat sound that is cheerful and full of hope.

Shania Twain’s voice is dynamic and rhythmic. She sounds bold and upbeat. She sings with hope and passion, which nicely represents this musical moment. 

The title Waking Up Dreaming represents resilience after challenging times. The lyrics are hopeful and inspirational. The song has excellent poetry describing hope and determination in pursuing one’s dreams. The lyrics flow smoothly, and it’s well-written. The tune also expresses the importance of living in the moment and seizing the day. The rhyming is incredible and consistent with the ABAB structure. The words are also heartfelt, optimistic and cheerful.

The single Waking Up Dreaming is available.

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