Guylaine Tanguay’s Homage to French Classics

Canadian and Quebecoise singer Guylaine Tanguay has released a new cover album, Vos Coups de Coeur à Ma Façon (Your favourites my way)The record covers classic songs from French music over many years.

It is impressive to hear a combination of musical genres. The music is Country/French Pop. The guitar and banjo add a bold touch to French classics. The album remarkably follows original compositions and a contemporary twist. The music has a phenomenal rhythm. Si Jamais (If ever) starts with a banjo in the background, giving it a cozy feel and an upbeat tempo. That’s the Country part of it, blended nicely with the musical style of the original version by Zaz.  La Maladie D’Amour (The love bug) has a guitar playing in the background with a lovely slow rhythm, just like Michel Sardou’s version. L’Hymne à L’Amour (a homage to love) has a beautiful guitar sound that perfectly syncs with Guylaine Tanguay’s voice. 

La Bohème (the Bohemian) also has the guitar as the primary instrument with a slightly faster tempo than the original version by Charles Aznavour. The music is remarkable – contemporary combined with Classical French music. These examples and the rest of the album demonstrate the craftsmanship and intricacy that went into the covers of timeless French classics. The music is dynamic in combining two musical styles harmoniously in a perfect balance. The musicians did an excellent job playing with the rhythm and arrangement, complementing the style of Guylaine Tanguay’s Country beat and tailoring it to her musical style while still honouring the classics of French music. It’s impressive. 

Guylaine Tanguay’s voice is soft and soulful. She adds her style of Country music to French classics and honours them nicely. She sings with heart and a lot of passion. She has a bold rhythmic singing style. Her vocal range is remarkable, singing with spirit. She captures the essence of those classic French songs that marked generations. Her touch to these incredible tunes gives them a tremendous musical je ne sais quoi. Her soft voice adds a beautiful melodic layer to the timeless French classics loved by many. Guylaine Tanguay balances her Country style with these French songs and, at the same time, respects what these classics represent in French music.

The album Vos Coups de Coeur à Ma Façon is available.

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