Editorial: Elvis The Movie & Music

This Summer, Elvis The Movie came out, for which I wrote a review for the soundtrack. I saw the film just recently. Austin Butler did a fantastic job portraying the late rock star, including a couple of moments where he did his singing. He perfectly followed the musical styles of Elvis Presley. He also got Elvis Presley’s dance moves accurately. 

The movie was interesting in its presentation. Elvis Presley’s manager Colonel Tom Parker narrates the story, contrasting other biopics about musicians. He talks about his experience managing Elvis Presley. 

Hearing the songs throughout the film was entertaining, learning their origins and Elvis’s inspiration for them. The movie showed the different aspects of who Elvis was on and off stage. I admired the times he stood by his principles, especially at the beginning of his career- he was bold. His rebellious nature made him quite exciting and unforgettable. The film also showed a more sensitive side to the singer, such as the scene when Elvis Presley’s mother dies. I also enjoyed the montage of his movies as an actor. I discovered songs I had not heard of until watching the film, which is the case with his 1968 single If I Can Dream – a protest song that impacted Elvis’s comeback as a rock star.

     The movie ended with footage of the real Elvis Presley, including his last concert a few weeks before he passed away. It was touching and heartfelt.

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