Single Saturdays: The Abrams – Something New

Canadian duo The Abrams has released a new single entitled Something New. The song is about a new relationship and getting to know the significant other.

The music is Country. The composition is remarkable and easy to follow, with a phenomenal musical structure. The rhythm is smooth but also wavy, which parallels the feeling of a journey. It starts with an excellent slow beat of the guitar; then, it transitions gradually and smoothly to a faster tempo, and vice-versa. The tune reminds me of Shania Twain’s single Forever and For Always in its musical arrangement, but with a quicker beat and also has a new Country sound. The music is fantastic and touching.

James and John Abrams’s voices are fantastic. They sing with heart and soul. They perform the song with incredible richness and great rhythm.

The lyrics are romantic and sweet. The song describes a beautiful love story about a man who notices little things and makes an effort to care for the one he loves. He also shows appreciation to his partner. The words have a lovely simplicity. The tune is well-written with profound language and poetry. The use of freestyle poetry complements the sense of adventure and journey of love. There are beautiful metaphors to express incredible love. The description of each kiss being like the first time kissing is heartwarming and incredibly sentimental. The song nicely describes how love is an adventure and teaches the lesson of working hard for the relationship and not taking anything for granted. 

The single Something New is available.

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