First Album Fridays: Faouzia – Citizens

Canadian singer Faouzia has released her first album entitled Citizens. The themes are love and heartbreak. 

The music is Pop mixed with R&B. The compositions are beautifully well-done, with impressive intricacy. The piano in the background adds a bold touch. The album consists primarily of ballads but also incredible upbeat songs, such as the piece SoLie. It also has some Middle Eastern sounds that nicely represent Faouzia’s Moroccan origins. The music is catchy and dynamic, with excellent beats and sounds. The rhythm is wavy and smooth, with a natural flow throughout the record. The record also has a futuristic tone, parallel to Science-Fiction movie scores, such as the song Don’t Tell Me I’m Pretty. The album has a remarkable variety of musical styles that nicely reflect Faouzia’s Moroccan-Canadian background.

Faouzia’s voice is phenomenal in this album. She sings with great heart and soul, as well as passion. She boldly expresses her vulnerability with pieces like Anybody Else and Don’t Tell Me I’m Pretty. The duet with John Legend in the piece Minefields is incredible. Their voices complement one another well.

The lyrics are dynamic and profound. Each song talks about love stories, some of which ended in heartbreak. The romantic pieces are Minefields (with John Legend) and Thick and Thin. They express profound and passionate love. For example,  Thick and Thin is a beautiful piece about going through the ups and downs in a relationship with love, hope, respect, and understanding. It’s also about persevering through hardships with determination. 

The songs about heartbreak are RIP, LoveAnybody ElseSolieI KnowDon’t Tell Me I’m Pretty and PuppetRIP, Love is a profound piece about the pain of a love that isn’t real. Solie describes in great detail how one sometimes resists seeing the truth of a toxic relationship, especially when hearing compliments and focusing on a fantasy of what one wishes it were. Anybody Else is a vulnerable piece about the struggles of ending a relationship, a relatable subject which can be a big challenge. The most impressive song is Puppet, about a woman who refuses to be something she’s not for someone who can’t accept her as she is. Faouzia impressively covers the different aspects of heartbreak with great depth.

The album has amazing content covering multi-facets of love and heartbreak with extensive detail.

The album Citizens is available.

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