Single Saturdays: Les Soeurs Boulay – Les lumières dans le ciel

The Canadian and Quebecoise duo, Les Soeurs Boulay have released a single entitled Les lumières dans le ciel (the lights in the sky). The song asks what’s the point of living life if one doesn’t live it the way one should.

The music is French Pop. The song is a beautiful ballad with fast-paced parts that add a bold edge. It starts slow, then gradually increases in tempo. It has a 70s vibe that reminds me of The Bee Gees’ single How Deep Is Your Love, especially in the chorus. It then ends on a nice fade-out. The composition is rich and rhythmic – there are well-structured moments of transitions of beats. The music is dynamic with a fantastic combination of the 70s and contemporary sounds.

Stéphanie and Mélanie Boulay’s voices are beautiful and rich. They sing in sync and harmony with one another. The sisters perform the song with heart and soul.

The lyrics are intriguing and inspirational. The song describes the importance of living well and not just doing the bare minimum. It’s about feeling alive, as opposed to being hollow inside. The words are profound and rich, full of thought and hope. The poetry is beautiful, with an impressive combination of two rhyming styles: ABAB and AABB. There’s also some lovely freestyle poetry that complements the song’s message of living life. 

The single  Les lumières dans le ciel is available.

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