Robby Johnson’s Latest Album Alive Right Now

Canadian-American singer Robby Johnson has released a new EP entitled  Alive Right Now. The themes are love and Country life.

The music is Country. It parallels the works of Tim McGraw. The beat of each song is bold and catchy. The guitar in the background is incredible to hear. The compositions are remarkable and diverse in musical styles of Country music. For example, Whiskey Woman has a bold banjo sound that’s a classic in Classical Country music. The same applies to the ballad Tryin to Get Over You. It’s a heartfelt song with music that reflects the mood of sadness and heartbreak. The piece Drinkin’ Beer has a Summer party vibe. It Starts Tonight has a fantastic upbeat sound that brings joy and inspires one to get up and dance – ending the album on a happy note. The music is excellent throughout the record.

Robby Johnson’s voice is incredibly rhythmic and rich. His vocal style gets better and better- impressive! He sings the stories of Country life with heart and soul.

The lyrics are descriptive and lively, especially with Country references. Each song has an exciting story about Country life, such as cowboys and hanging out with friends. Examples include Drinkin’ Beer, Whiskey Woman, and If I Was a Cowboy. The record, overall, is cheerful and fun.
  One song, however, talks about heartbreak with the tune Tryin’ To Get Over You. It’s a profound piece with the grief following a breakup/separation. It describes everyday situations, such as drinking one’s sorrows, driving around, and even going back to the ex. It also refers to the denial phase of grief. 
Then, the EP ends happily with the song It Starts Tonight—an inspirational piece about living life and the good days ahead. The lyrics are profound and soulful with remarkable depth. 

The EP Alive Right Now is available.

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