Mickey Guyton’s Empowering Album Remember Her Name

American singer Mickey Guyton has released a new album entitled Remember Her Name. The themes are empowerment, love, heartbreak and the journey of life.

The music is Country. The compositions are intricate, bold and rich.

The album has many upbeat songs that celebrate and honour incredible life moments. The All American has a fantastic fast-paced rhythm that reflects pride. The first one is  Remember Her Name,  which has a powerful, empowering and symbolic sound honouring the late Breonna Taylor. Different has an excellent mix of old-school and modern sounds that remind me of Toni Basil’s Oh Mickey. It makes one want to get up and dance to celebrate who we are. Rosé parallels Faith Hill’s This Kiss. The music is catchy and reminds me of old-fashioned Country music. Smoke reminds me of Shania Twain’s hits I Ain’t No Quitter and Any Man of Mine. It has a great fast-paced beat.

The ballads are remarkable and rich in rhythm and feeling. The song Love My Hair has a beautiful piano sound that is smooth and rhythmic. Lay It on Me and Dancing in the Living Room are two romantic songs with a wavy but smooth rhythm, demonstrating how love can overcome anything. Black Like Me has a background that parallels the choir’s music with incredible richness. The pieces Words What Are You Gonna Tell Her have soft music mixed with some heavier tones. Indigo has lovely slow guitar and piano sounds that parallel Adele’s hit Someone Like You and Christina Perri’s single Arms. If I Were a Boy parallels Boyz II Men’s 90s single, I’ll Make Love To You, with a lovely contemporary touch. Better Than You Left Me reminds me of Shania Twain’s You’re Still The One but with a slower tempo. It has an incredible rhythm.

   There are pieces with a mix of fast and slow cadences: Higher and Do You Really Wanna Know. Higher is rhythmic and rich in sounds. It complements the romantic vibe. Do You Really Wanna Know has an intricate composition. The rhythm transitions with gradual increases tempo to represent the various stages of personal growth.

There’s a fantastic range in musical styles and tempos. The compositions are impressive and well-structured. 

Mickey Guyton’s voice is bold, strong, and confident. She sings with passion. She pours her heart and soul into each of her songs. 

The lyrics are diverse and dynamic in the subject matter. The songs are well-written- rich in poetry and depth.

Remember Her Name is a remarkable album full of empowerment, which many songs impressively demonstrate. The first example is the eponym piece Remember Her Name, a heartwarming and powerful song inspired by the tributes to Breonna Taylor in 2020. It’s about celebrating the girl with no fear: the ones we lost and the ones within ourselves. The piece All American is about celebrating diversity and identity, in this case, being American. Different is an excellent song celebrating and embracing differences in ourselves. It also encourages self-love and pride in who we are. Love My Hair is a touching and heartfelt piece about Black women celebrating who they are, including their hair the way it is. The song What Are You Gonna Tell Her? is about the unrealistic possibilities for young girls, including becoming a president. It gives perspective and is thought-provoking. The tune Do You Really Wanna Know is about confidence and not caring about what others think. It shows the importance of being true to who we are. Black Like Me talks about the struggles Black people face daily, which many don’t understand. The song has a profound meaning, covering the issues of racism and inequality. The song Words is about a heartfelt vulnerability about how words impact people – positively or negatively. It’s an incredible song that gives a great message: showing love and kindness to one another- not hate and division. Smoke is a bold song about when a woman suspects her man is dishonest, possibly cheating on her. The reading between the lines is intelligent and subtle. Rosé is a fun song about a woman who knows what she wants in life, including her favourite drink. It’s an upbeat piece with a profound meaning beyond what we hear. Better Than You Left Me is an inspirational and powerful song about a woman whose partner left her, then she got through it and is living her best life.

The record also has a personal side, with two tracks: Indigo and If I Were a Boy. Indigo is a profound piece with incredible freestyle writing. If I Were a Boy is an engaging piece imagining what it would be like as a boy, living differently from the others. It’s heartfelt – full of empathy and love.

   The romantic songs in this album are poetic, sweet, and from the heart. Lay It on Me is a sweet and soulful piece. It’s about true love that can overcome any curveballs life throws at the couple. The woman reassures her significant other with kindness and compassion – the song reflects that nicely.

 Higher is an optimistic tune that shows a woman’s appreciation for her partner. Dancing in the Living Room is a sweet and inspirational piece about a couple focusing on each other, away from the distractions of everyday life. It also celebrates what’s important for a couple. 

The songs are fantastic and tell deep and heartfelt stories with incredible language and poetry. 

The album Remember Her Name is available.

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