My Silent Bravery’s Lastest Album Bigger

American group, My Silent Bravery, has released a new album entitled Bigger. The themes are love, heartbreak and the journey through life.

The music is Pop. The guitar throughout the album is terrific. There’s an incredible variety of sounds that gives it energy. It provides catchy music and impressive compositions. The melodies are intricate and well-structured. 

     The songs with an upbeat sound are BiggerSpark Up the FireRise UpThe Reason, and Learn To Fight. These tunes reflect a happy moment, whether in love or overcoming adversity in life. The song Bigger has a great tempo composed with a wavy beat. Spark Up the Fire has a Summer vibe that parallels music heard at a beach party, especially at night. Rise Up has an upbeat sound that compliments the courage to get back up fighting adversity and persevere in life. The Reason has a fantastic and lively guitar beat that brings joy to one’s ears. Learn To Fight has a 70s vibe that is beautifully wavy, full of enthusiasm and energy. Break Me Down has a bold start with drums, then it goes into a faster beat that reminds me of R&B sounds of the 90s. It becomes an upbeat song.

     There are also wonderful pieces with impressive transitional sounds. The song Run This City starts slow then increases in tempo. The composition is impressive in this piece. Kiss Your Mouth begins with an incredible guitar playing gradually and rhythmically. It then goes up smoothly to reflect the anticipation of the romantic moment.   Say Something has a bold and layered composition reflecting tension and pain, composed with an intense wavy rhythm. It parallels the works of Evanescence and No Doubt. The transitions are remarkable and smooth, with impeccable timing. 

     Without Love has an incredible wavy rhythm that reflects the confusion and struggles regarding people being scared of love. The music is rich and deep in tone and rhythm.

     Matthew Wade’s voice is fantastic and rhythmic. He sings with passion and heart. He captures the profound emotions of each song.

The lyrics are poetic and well-written. The songs have a personal touch to them- they’re full of heart and soul.
The album has beautiful romantic songs: Spark up the Fire, The ReasonKiss Your Mouth and Without Love. Spark up the Fire is a heartfelt tune that talks about the hope of finding love. The Reason is an inspirational song that is about honouring the significant other. Kiss Your Mouth is a sweet song about building up the courage to talk to the love interest. It talks about the relatable subject of mixed emotions, including excitement and anticipation. Without Love is a song about learning to overcome heartbreak and relearn to open up to those who genuinely care about us. It’s a relatable piece that includes learning how to stop overthinking everything.  These love songs are poetic and heartwarming.

     There are also motivational and inspirational songs, which are the following: BiggerRise UpRun This CityLearn to Fight and Break Me Down. These pieces are full of positivity. Bigger is about thinking outside the box and reaching for the highest potential. It’s an inspiration never to give up, no matter what. Rise Up has a similar idea as Bigger but covers the importance and courage to fight adversity (both external and internal). Run This City is a symbol of how it’s possible to go back to taking control of one’s life, like before. Learn to Fight is a song that inspires one to take action in life and persevere to get what one wants. Break Me Down is an incredible song about determination and courage to stand up to those who want to knock us down. It honours the idea of being true to one’s identity and principles. These motivational songs give hope and positivity during the hard times in life. 

      Say Something is an essential song about learning to let go of grudges and denounce the wrong in the world, which is difficult for many. It teaches a necessary lesson about kindness, love and compassion while fighting hate. It also covers the challenges many people deal with because of heartbreak.

The songs are profound, rich and intricate in language and poetry, making them refined.

The album Bigger is available.

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