Day 12: Darren Criss – A Very Darren Crissmas

American actor and singer Darren Criss has a new album entitled A Very Darren Crissmas – Deluxe Edition. The themes are Christmas memories and love.

The music is Alternative, mixed with some Pop. 

The record starts with a lovely medley intro Happy Holidays / The Holiday Season. It sets the tone for holiday fun and cheers. The album parallels Michael Bublé’s 2011 Christmas album entitled Christmasin terms of the Crooner style and music from the classics (from the 1930s to 1950s). The compositions are beautiful and follow the structure of classic Christmas songs. The musicians are fantastic, from the piano to the tuba. They make the music catchy, giving it an entertaining feel. The nostalgic feeling is genuine and heartfelt.
     However, there’s a piece with the musical style of Country music, Drunk On Christmas (a duet with Lainey Wilson). It parallels the Country songs from the 70s, including Dolly Parton.
The range of musical beats and styles is fantastic – the music is rich and dynamic. It compliments the party vibe well. 

Darren Criss’s voice is incredible and rich. He sings these Christmas songs with heart and soul. He conveys his memories and sentiments of Christmas with joy and love. 

There are four fantastic duets on this album: Adam Lambert ((Everybody’s Waitin’ For) The Man With The Bag ), Evan Rachel Wood (Somewhere In My Memory), Lainey Wilson (Drunk On Christmas), and Lizzy McAlpine (Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas).
The performance with Adam Lambert in the song (Everybody’s Waitin’ For) The Man With The Bag is upbeat and full of cheer.
The duet with Evan Rachel Wood is heartwarming and sweet in the piece Somewhere In My Memory. Darren Criss and Evan Rachel Wood sing in perfect harmony with one another.
The duet with Lainey Wilson in the song Drunk On Christmas parallels the Country music styles of Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers. This performance is fantastic and expresses the “partying hard” aspect during the holidays.
The deluxe version of A Very Darren Crissmas has an extra duet with Lizzy McAlpine in Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas. The performance is heartwarming and soulful. Their voices compliment each other nicely.

The album has two original songs: Christmas Dance and Drunk on Christmas (a duet with Lainey Wilson).
The song Christmas Dance is an inspirational piece about having fun and celebrating with those we love during the holiday season. There are lovely references to Christmas music, such as listening to Mariah sing.
Drunk on Christmas (a duet with Lainey Wilson) is an exciting song about partying hard and having fun during the holidays.
The lyrics of these two songs are well-written and celebrate the holiday season with joy and enthusiasm – rich in poetry.

The album  A Very Darren Crissmas is available.

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