Day 11: Ellen Williams – A Christmas Wish

British singer Ellen Williams has a new Christmas album entitled A Christmas Wish. It has operatic versions of Christmas Classics.

The music is Opera and Classical. The sound on the album is calming. The compositions of Welsh hymns and folk songs are beautiful and rhythmic – the style of Classical music gives the record a nostalgic touch. The pieces are rich and velvety in rhythms, tones and sounds. There’s a lovely concert vibe, thanks to the great musicians. The violin, the piano, the cello, the tube, and much more are harmoniously well-synchronized with one another. Some songs remind me of choir performances, such as Voice of An Angel and The Prayer (featuring The Dark Tenor). The music flows naturally in every piece.  When I heard White Christmas, it reminded me of the original version by Bing Crosby, but with a touch of classical music. The Classical take on Christmas songs is impressive and unique.

Ellen Williams’s voice is beautiful and operatic. She performs the classic Christmas songs with a lovely Soprano style and a natural flow. She sings remarkably in different languages, with heart and soul. There are two beautiful and impressive duets: The Dark Tenor (The Prayer) and John Riesen (Ave Maria Pietas). The performance with The Dark Tenor in The Prayer is incredible to hear in two languages: English and Italian. The Dark Tenor sang the parts in Italian. The other duet is with John Riesen that is beautiful. He has an excellent baritone voice, nicely complimenting Ellen Williams’s voice. Ellen Williams sings with boldness and passion.

The album A Christmas Wish is available.

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