Single Saturdays: Dan Petti – After Work

Canadian singer Dan Petti has a new single out entitled After Work. The song is about the struggles to maintain a work-life balance, and the subject is relatable and very relevant.

The music is Country. It’s a lovely ballad that mixes fast and slow beats nicely. The banjo and the piano complement the song’s vibe. It starts with a slow tempo of the banjo, and then the piano comes in smoothly. There are also beautiful parts with the music of a violin. The composition is well-structured and rhythmic. The music then increases slightly to transition in the chorus. The sound has a romantic presence amidst the intense beats that reflect the struggles of a work-life balance- this ballad is remarkably intricate. There’s a richness in the rhythm and tone of the piece.

Dan Petti’s voice is beautiful, soulful and sweet. He sings from the heart with pure love and care. He captures the essence of love and living life in this single.

The lyrics are romantic and from the heart. The song is à propos regarding work-life balance, and there’s also a sweet love story. Dan Petti wrote the song along with Andrew Parton and Pawit Kelly. The words are well-written with beautiful poetry. The attention to detail is impressive, from describing the first date and first snow to planning the future. The description of the first date is heartwarming and touching. Also, it talks about the unrealistic expectations that sometimes happen in this attempt to carry out a work-life balance. The song is about priorities in life and the importance of love and living life. The man in the story honours his relationship and moves on from a job he doesn’t like to be with the one he loves. Dan Petti describes a relatable topic with heart, empathy and compassion.  

The single After Work is available. 

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  1. Wow thank you so much for this beautiful review of this song. This song means a lot to me, and I’m so happy you also connected to the music and the meaning.

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