Ian Kelly’s Latest EP – Faire Semblant

Canadian singer Ian Kelly has a new EP entitled Faire Semblant (to pretend). The themes are love, heartbreak and life.

The music is French Folk/Pop. The piano and guitar play an essential part in the EP, and the rhythm is soothing and complements the beautiful compositions. Each song has distinctive tones and sounds that are bold but soft at the same time. Faire Semblant (To pretend) has a lovely mix of fast and slow in wavy rhythm. Au milieu des gens qui rêvent (among people dreaming) is an impressive piece that parallels Patrice Michaud’s music with a bold twist.  Partir (Leaving) has excellent use of the piano, with a smooth rhythm.  Dernier Amour (The last love) has a fantastic gradual beat that then increases to a smooth pace. The guitar is impressive to hear, along with maracas and a cymbal. The music in this EP is intricate and dynamic.

Ian Kelly’s voice is smooth and husky. He sounds rhythmic and expresses the various emotions of each song with depth and passion. He sings in sync with the rhythm of each piece, following the tone of each one.

The lyrics are romantic and poetic. The songs have beautiful imagery, rich in detail, and each piece is expressive and intricate in the subject matter. The words are well-written and touching.  Faire Semblant (To pretend) is a sentimental song about peace and love in the world, ending heartache and hatred.  Au milieu des gens qui rêvent (among people dreaming) is a tune about hope among darkness and sadness, dreaming about better times ahead – positive and inspirational.  Partir (Leaving) is a touching song about wanting to leave to go anywhere but the current location, representing that sentiment of feeling stuck. It’s relatable, especially in uncertain times. Dernier Amour (the last love) is a touching and nostalgic piece remembering a relationship that ended. The lyrics are rich in language and magnificent poetry. 

The EP Faire Semblant is available.

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