Single Saturdays: Rayan – Byechta’lak Jerhi

Lebanese singer Rayan has a new single entitled Byechta’lak Jerhi (I miss you, and it hurts). The song is a conflict of contradictory emotions and relationship struggles. 

The music is Arabic Pop. Ahmad Akkad composed the song – a bold ballad with gradual rhythms. The guitar and the violin in the background reflect the song’s story and the mixed emotions felt by the man. There are moments where an electric musical sound between the chorus and the verses also demonstrates the conflicted feeling. The composition is intricate and dynamic.

Rayan’s voice is fantastic and expressive. He demonstrates his vulnerability without any filter. He sounds impressive, singing the range of emotions he feels genuine.

The lyrics are full of intense/deep emotions that conflict with one another. Ahmad Issam wrote the song, describing the heartache and romance paradox- the “limbo” effect between being in a relationship and separation, not entirely broken up. The words are well-written and from the heart. The rhyming throughout this single is impressive and simplistic, written with excellent freestyle poetry. Although it doesn’t follow the exact rhyme style AABB, it’s still easy to follow in lyrical rhythm. The song is expressive and represents something people can relate to the uncertainty of a relationship.

The single Byechta’lak Jerhi is available.

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