Single Saturdays: Amr Diab – Ray’a

Egyptian singer Amr Diab has a new single entitled Ray’a (Happy). The song is about a happy woman enjoying life, and the man honours her.

The music is Arabic Pop. Mohemed Yehia composed the song with marvellous beats. Tarek Madkour arranged the single as well as did the mix and digital mastering. The tune has an upbeat sound, almost dance-like – it’s wavy and rhythmic. It parallels Gaw El-Gameel (beautiful atmosphere or vibe) with a more upbeat rhythm and Youm Talat (Day three) in the wavy pace of the music. The composition is magnificent and well-structured.

Amr Diab’s voice is soft and rhythmic. He sounds incredible in his vocal style. He sings with joy and enthusiasm.

The lyrics are romantic and cheerful. Ayman Bahgat Kamar wrote the song with easy-to-follow lyrics. The tune has a combination of AABB and ABAB rhyme styles with impressive freestyle writing. It’s simplistic in text, but the profound meaning of love and appreciation for the significant other is full of hope and joy. The love is deep and felt throughout the single. It’s a song that makes one smile after hearing it – there’s so much beauty in these lyrics.   

The single  Ray’a is available.

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