Single Saturdays: MammaBear -Hailey

American group  MammaBear has released a new single entitled  Hailey. The song is about a guy trying to reassure a girl named Hailey going through heartbreak- it’s a touching story.

The music is Indie Rock/Alternative. The guitar complements the 70s feel of the song nicely- the acoustic sound is beautiful and soothing. It parallels Hey Jude by Beatles and  Hey, Soul Sister by Train – a similar musical style composed beautifully. The gradual transition of the sounds is incredible and well-structured. The music is rhythmic. The tune is a lovely ballad, and there are phenomenally wavy beats. It ends on a slow and calming note. The composition is rich with impressive intricacy and style.

Kyle Gordon’s voice is husky, soft, and bold. He sounds dynamic and edgy, and he expresses the emotions felt in the song with depth and grace. He captures the tune’s essence with his soulful performance.

The lyrics are soulful and expressive – full of raw emotions. There’s a genuine vulnerability in sharing those feelings of love and care. The words are from the heart, and it’s a heartfelt message that is touching, addressing the girl named Hailey. The guy addresses her with love, respect and compassion- his reassurance feels sincere, profound and hopeful. The lyrics are well-written, with lovely freestyle poetry. The song inspires one never to give up on true love- the positivity shines through nicely.

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