Single Saturdays: Kate Westwood – Thrive

Australian singer Kate Westwood has a new single out entitled Thrive. The song is about a journey through life and becoming successful.

The music is Pop. The guitar gives the song a lovely touch to the road trip/journey vibe. The rhythm is smooth, wavy, and relaxing, and it has a 90s vibe, especially Sheryl Crow’s music. The upbeat sound works with the song’s story and message. The transition in music is remarkable and smooth. There’s also a fantastic consistency in the pace of the rhythm. The composition is well-structured and rich in beats.  

Kate Westwood’s voice is incredible and soulful. She has a dynamic way of expressing positivity and hope. She sings in sync with the music, including an impressive vocal range.

The lyrics are inspirational and full of hope. Kate Westwood, Joel Dowling, Anita Olausen wrote this tune with hope and positivity that inspire one never to give up no matter what comes one’s way. The song represents a journey through life that many go through and overcoming battles one may face. The words are well-written with rich poetry. The lyrics flow naturally, which works with the soft music and the journey aspect of the story. 

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