Single Saturdays: My Silent Bravery – Spark Up the Fire

American group, My Silent Bravery, has a new single entitled Spark Up the Fire. The song is about romance and passion in relationships.

Man and Woman Holding Hands Walking on Seashore during Sunrise

The music is Rock. The song has a fantastic Summer vibe. The pace is wavy and rhythmic, which reminds me of the beach waves, especially the chorus. The guitar adds an incredible musical flavour to the song. There’s a bold sound. The rhythm is intricate, with a gradual transition from the verse to the chorus and vice-versa. Russell Ali & Sanjoy Deb produced the single with great style and finesse. The music has an upbeat sound that compliments the song’s romantic and joyful mood.

Matthew Wade’s voice is incredible and husky. He sings with richness and depth. He has impressive layers to his vocal style that is bold and gives a nice edge.

The lyrics are romantic and profound. Matthew Wade and Mitchell Rose wrote the song with intricacy and poetry. The fire is an excellent metaphor of romance with the sentence: “only love can spark up the fire” demonstrates the importance of love and represents passion. That’s one meaning, but there are other ways to interpret this lovely song, sources say. The depth is remarkable through a dynamic description of the classic story of falling in love and the feeling of passion, demonstrated by the fire metaphor. The song describes love as a source of positive energy. The words are full of heart and soul.

The single Spark Up the Fire is available.

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