Single Saturdays: Chris Mann COVID/BACK

American singer Chris Mann has a new parody out entitled COVID/Back. It’s a parody of Justin Timberlake’s single Sexyback. The song is about the importance of getting vaccinated and the stress caused by those who refuse through humour.

The music is Pop. The song follows the composition of Justin Timberlake’s Sexyback- it also has a dance vibe. Since it parodies Sexyback, there’s a nostalgic feel to it. The tune is rhythmic with a catchy sound- the beat is bold and wavy. There’s a gradual rhythm throughout the song, including when a new verse starts, just like the original song. The electric beat reminds me of the music heard on the floor. The composition is intricate and impeccable.

Chris Mann’s voice is bold and fantastic. He has a singing style similar to Justin Timberlake’s. He sings his sentiments about COVID with humour.

The lyrics are funny and expressive. The words are well-written and follow the same structure as Justin Timberlake’s Sexyback. The song shares the sentiment of many, which is frustration regarding the unvaccinated and feeling fed up about the pandemic. There are references to the various conspiracy theories regarding the COVID-19 vaccine that Chris Mann criticizes through comic relief. One conspiracy theory is that the 5G network causes COVID, which is not true, but many believe that. It’s a clever way to vent about the COVID situation.  

The single COVID/Back is available.

Video version:

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