Single Saturdays: Marc Dupré – Où sera le monde

Canadian and Quebecois singer Marc Dupré has a new single, Où Sera Le Monde (where will the world be). The song is about living life and living in the moment.

The music is French Pop. Marc Dupré composed the lovely song with fantastic rhythm. The guitar in the background adds an intimate/cozy touch to the song. It starts semi-slow to slow, and then the tempo gradually increases to an upbeat and catchy sound. The composition is remarkable in the transition of beats from slow to fast and vice-versa. During the verses, the mix of slow and fast is harmonious and rich in rhythm. There’s so much joy in the music, and the guitar, especially towards the end, complements that beautifully. 

Marc Dupré’s voice is soft and husky. He sings with heart and soul, as well as incredible rhythm. He sounds reassuring and compassionate.

The lyrics are heartwarming and full of hope. Nelson Melville wrote the song with a beautiful positivity that is essential during these challenging times of COVID. There’s a great variety of rhyming structures ABAB, ABBA, and some freestyle poetry. The tune cheers people up and teaches us to appreciate life, even in the little things, such as a sunrise. The words flow naturally in this well-written piece, rich in language and imagery. It also gets us thinking about the future while still living in the moment.

The single  Où Sera Le Monde is available.

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