Single Saturdays: Nassif Zeytoun – Kezbi wara Kezbi

Nassif Zeytoun has released a single entitled Kezbi wara Kezbi (lie after lie). The song tells the story of a man fed up with the lies told by his significant other.

The music is Arabic Pop. Salim Salameh composed the song with smooth transitions and excellent rhythm. The guitar in the background has a lovely Spanish vibe to it. The violin also adds an element of suspense and intensity to the piece with precision. Omar Sabbagh arranged the song with an incredible musical structure. The music slows down in the verses, then gradually increases in tempo. The composition is impressive and well-structured. It’s a ballad rich in sounds and passionate feelings. 

Nassif Zeytoun’s voice is husky and fantastic. He sings with a wavy rhythm. He follows the music’s rhythm at the right moment.

The lyrics are expressive and full of raw emotions – the heartbreak is palpable and relatable. Fadi Abou Khalil wrote the song with an impressive variety of rhyming styles. The paragraphs are well-structured, consisting of four lines each. The chorus parallels the chorus of Elissa’s single Betmoun (whatever you wish for). The poetic style is incredible where three out of the four lines rhyme (sometimes in a row – AAAB and other times AABA). There’s well-written freestyle poetry expressing the heartbreak and sadness felt by the subject. The song has a great depth to it.

The single Kezbi wara Kezbi is available.

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