Single Saturdays: Nassif Zeytoun – Enti Wana

Syrian artist Nassif Zeytoun has a new single entitled Enti W ana (You and me). The song is about a relationship moving forward through love, learning, and understanding.

The music is Arabic Pop. Wassim Boustani composed this song with an upbeat sound and a lovely rhythm – it sounds joyful and romantic. The composition is well-structured and rich in musical tonality. Omar Sabbagh arranged the piece in a flowy and smooth manner. It starts with a piano solo that is soothing and peaceful, playing a slow rhythm. Then it increases with darbakeh and the guitar It smoothly goes back to piano and switches back in a transition. The composition is remarkable in its change of beats and pace.  

Nassif Zeytoun’s voice is cheerful and enthusiastic. He sings smoothly with grace and style. It’s from the heart.

The lyrics are romantic and poetic. Adel Raffoul wrote the song with excellent freestyle writing and poetry. The words are sweet and hopeful – they inspire the hope that true love is possible and never give up. There are incredible freestyle structure and poetry. The verses have two lines, then a three-lined bridge to lead to the four-lined chorus- the transition is smooth and natural. The lyrics are full of heart and soul, full of love. 

The single Enti Wana is available.

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