Single Saturdays: Faouzia- Don’t Tell Me I’m Pretty

Moroccan-Canadian artist Faouzia has released a new single this week entitled Don’t Tell Me I’m Pretty. The song is about a woman asking her significant other to stop telling her she’s pretty/beautiful because it distracts from the couple’s issues.

The music is Pop. The song starts with a slow beat, and then the rhythm gradually increases then slows down again with a smooth transition. It ends with a bang, which reflects the woman’s confidence developing bit by bit. The tone has an intensity that reflects the woman’s heartbreak and sadness. The piano and drums add to the song’s vibe and message of gradual empowerment and strength. The composition is bold and impressive. 

Faouzia’s voice is powerful and smooth. She sings with a fantastic rhythm and tonality. She sounds more and more confident as the song progresses.

The lyrics are empowering and full of confidence. The song has impressive freestyle writing with a natural flow. It complements the message of a woman standing up for herself to the significant other and gaining the courage to do so. The words are well-written. The subject of abuse is difficult to cover, but Faouzia did an excellent job covering it in this single. She mentions how lots of people seem to ignore what’s right in front of them. It’s the reason why women are afraid to come forward because no one takes them seriously or the fear of it. The empty complements demonstrate how they’re worthless when a woman feels the situation is toxic and unbearable. She captures what many women struggle to express. The words are powerful and full of raw emotions.

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