Single Saturdays: Chris Mann – My Corona Part 2

American singer Chris Mann has released a new parody entitled My Corona Part 2. It’s a reference to My Sharona by The Knack. The song covers life with Coronavirus (Covid-19) after one year of the pandemic, including the vaccine. 

The music is Pop. It follows the rhythm of The Knack’s My Sharona – the song has a nostalgic feel to it. There’s a twist, however, that it has a slightly faster rhythm. The music reflects the mood many feel one year into the pandemic, impatience for it to be over. The drums in the background parallel the original version well, and the rhythm is impressive. The sound is catchy and bold. Hearing the phrase “I need vaccination” in the background also reflects how the times have changed since a year ago. It’s a contrast to “I need toilet paper” about last year’s panic buying of toilet paper. It’s a shift in priorities. The music is memorable and timeless.

Chris Mann’s voice is fantastic and versatile. He expresses frustration and impatience that is relatable with humour and style. He impressively follows the vocal rhythm of The Knack’s My Sharona

The lyrics are funny and expressive, which also follow the structure of the original song My Sharona. The tune is relevant to the life with the COVID-19 pandemic one year later (i.e. vaccines, Dolly Parton, etc.). It also provides comic relief, which is essential to get through these unprecedented and even crazy times. The humour is witty, intelligent and expressive of the mixed emotions many felt during this year. The song is relatable. That includes the frustration of the lockdown, the struggles to work from home/homeschooling and the weight gain. 

Side Note

The songs below have some coarse language- Listener Discretion Advised.

Here’s a flashback to last year’s parody of My Corona (the first one)

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