Ahlam’s Tarab Album Fedwat Oyounak Part 1

Emirati singer Ahlam has a new album entitled Fedwat Oyounak Part 1 (Translation coming soon). The themes are love and life. 

The music is Arabic Tarab (classical Arabic music). The songs follow a traditional sound from the Emirati culture that is beautiful and rich in musical notes. The instruments heard are the signature choices, such as the lute and the darbakeh. The rhythm is smooth and beautiful. The compositions are impressive – soothing and peaceful. 

Ahlam’s voice is bold and passionate. She sings from the heart and with soul. She captures the essence of each song.

The lyrics are rich in language and classical Arabic poetry. There’s beautiful freestyle writing that gives the songs a natural flow. The words are well-written and express so much emotion with depth and soul. The stories are impressive to hear and well-detailed.

The album Fedwat Oyounak Part 1 is available. 

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