Single Saturdays: Sans Pression feat. SOS- Sur le terrain

Canadian and Quebec artist Sans Pression has released a new single entitled Sur le terrain (in the field or on the grounds)featuring SOS. The song is about the struggles in life but with a sense of hope.

The music is Hip-Hop/Rap. The beat is bold, impressive and it has an incredibly edgy sound. Christophe Martin did an excellent job producing this single. The variety of rhythms reflects the up and downs of the story very well. This song’s music parallels the works of French Rappers from the French banlieue, especially in the 90s. The composition is remarkable and intricate, well-structured.

Sans Pression’s voice is fantastic and full of passion. SOS also sang remarkably. They sing well together and in sync with one another. 

The lyrics are expressive and relevant to the current times. The use of freestyle poetry gives the song a smooth, natural flow with a storytelling feel. The raw emotions are genuine in this single. The subject of struggles in life resonates deeply, along with the topic of fighting back against haters and oppressors. The song is dynamic in how never to lose hope, and that one can overcome adversity. The tune describes in detail that to stand up for your principles to better oneself and live a better life. The lyrics are well-written. 

Side Note

The song contains some coarse language. Listener discretion advised.

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