Andréanne A. Malette’s Latest Album Sitka

Canadian and Québecoise singer Andréanne A. Malette has released a new album entitled Sitka. The themes are empowerment, mental health, love, and heartbreak.

The music is French Pop/Musique Francophone. The compositions are incredible and well-structured. Each one reflects the song’s subject matter and the mood it conveys. The rhythm throughout the album is smooth, with a meditative sound. There’s an impressive fusion of two styles in Alaska: French pop, both classic and contemporary.  The piano and the guitar add a dynamic touch to the songs. The record has music paralleling classical French music from Sylvie Vartan and the late France Gall, with a modern touch. The album is vibrant and full of form.

Andréanne A. Malette’s voice is soft and beautiful. Her vocal style is versatile in rhythm and tone. She has depth in her singing and follows the music remarkably.

The lyrics are poetic and thought-provoking. The album has a lot of self-reflection about life, and the adversity one may face. The songs have lovely storytelling feel to them, which includes the journey through life. Each tune’s words are well-written, full of metaphors and symbols, varieties of classic poetic language. The songs Le Brasier (The blaze) and Bateau en Papier  (Paper Boat) are bold examples. The songs are personal and relatable, from the heart. 

The album Sitka is available.

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