Day 7 Single Saturdays: Tenille Arts – A Winter Wonderland

Canadian singer Tenille Arts has a new Christmas single out entitled A Winter Wonderland The song is about a girl walking through the snow, thinking about an old flame during the Christmas season.

The music is Holiday and Country. It’s a smooth and flowy ballad. The guitar in the musical background adds a romantic and sentimental touch to the song. The rhythm is wavy, which reflects the mood of the song- that of heartbreak. It ends with a lovely sound of the guitar phasing out gradually. The composition is fantastic and intricate. 

Tenille Arts’ voice is soft, sweet, and soulful. Her singing style in this Christmas single is bold and deep. She sings from the heart in talking about separation during the holidays. 

The lyrics express the challenges of Christmas/Holidays when a person is grieving from a breakup. There’s a smart reference to the old classic to Walking in a Winter Wonderland where Tenille Arts mentions it in the chorus. It’s a relatable and possibly forgotten topic- the holidays following a breakup/separation- can also be challenging when one is alone or feels lonely. The feeling of nostalgia is present in the passage “now flakes, frozen lakes, and the smell of cinnamon – First dates, and ice skates, can’t help but thinking” – it describes the little things, either from the relationship itself or the small details of the holiday season. The song represents the various aspects of Christmas (post-breakup) and the Winter scenery- a dynamic impression.

The singer, A Winter Wonderland, is available.

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