Day 7 Single Saturdays: Ingrid Andress Christmas Always Finds Me

Ingrid Andress has a new Christmas single entitled Christmas Always Finds Me. The song is about a girl who isn’t always hopeful, but “Christmas finds hers,” and she feels better.

The music is Holiday/Country. The lovely ballad is a combination of old-fashioned and new musical styles—the piano parts at the beginning parallel to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody (beginning and end bits). The composition also has bits similar to the works of Sarah Mclachlan and Rachel Platten. The rhythm is flowy and complementary to the song’s subject. It also reflects the nostalgic vibe. The structure is incredible with the use of the violin. The music has a beautiful sound and has a soft presence.

Ingrid Andress’ voice is beautiful and soft. She expresses the mixed emotions felt during the holiday season well. She has a vocal style parallel to Rachel Platten and Ellie Goulding.

The lyrics are poetic and heartfelt. Ingrid Andress, Sam Mackenzie Ellis, and Derrick Adam Southerland wrote the song with lovely freestyle poetry and nostalgia. The nostalgic aspect refers to childhood memories and wishes, such as asking for “rollerblades and pixie sticks.” The brief description of the common activities in preparation for Christmas, such as shopping and traffic, and the stockings, give the tune a personal touch. There’s also how some people will spend Christmas alone, making it a bittersweet moment, especially during COVID-19. The words are well-written and full of heart.

The single Christmas Always Finds Me is available.

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