Day 7 Single Saturdays: Stephanie Owens – Mary, Did You Know?

American Country singer Stephanie Owens has released a Christmas single entitled Mary, Did You Know?  – a cover of a 90s classic by Michael English.

The music is Holiday/Country. The song has a lovely combination of classical music combined with a contemporary Country sound. The rhythm is smooth and peaceful. It honours the subject matter about Mary and her son Jesus. The music is at a slower pace than the original version. In this cover, the song has a choir-like sound heard in churches from the piano’s lovely melody. The composition is magnificent and well-structured.

Stephanie Owen’s voice is beautiful, bold and husky. She captures the essence of this song. She sings from the heart with remarkable depth and grace, and a softness in her singing. There’s comfort in her sound as though she’s having a direct conversation with Mary about her son. She sounds rhythmic and smooth when performing this lovely classic from the 90s.  

The single Mary, Did You Know, is available.

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